Cloud Security Assessment

Every business has its own unique cloud architecture, and the hidden risks or potential liabilities aren’t exclusive to it.

Safety on the cloud relies on meeting a benchmark of industry best practices and incorporating tools and policies to support them. Cloud security assessments help companies identify vulnerabilities in their digital framework and how they’re managed before an attack can exploit them.

Docutek cloud security specialists work with enterprises to:

  • Map the entire architecture from endpoint to database
  • Discover cloud-based applications in use by the workforce without IT approval
  • Review configurations to ensure insider or external threats can’t infiltrate or alter virtual infrastructure
  • Evaluate resilience in accordance with static and dynamic workload requirements
  • Implement solutions that support a dependable uptime and promote a better cyber security posture.

The resulting gap analysis report fuels an analysis-backed decision-making process to build improvements across the digital environment with a cost-effective and secure approach.