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Patient Portal Security Compliance

Why perform Web Application Security Testing?

  • To execute a real-world attack on a critical application and understand the level of risk that exists at a single moment in time.
  • To complement your automated scanning appliance to better identify and validate all security vulnerabilities associated with your Internet-facing environment.
  • To understand how well your development team followed the secure software development life cycle.
Application security testing and analysis follows a structured process of steps, each of which provides the tester with additional knowledge of the application structure. This is necessary to identify and conclusively validate the existence of a specific vulnerability, thereby eliminating false positives. The process begins with host and service enumeration. After that, content enumeration and discovery. A web crawl of application and associated servers follows. Finally, the testing of user-accepted input sources is performed, concluding with the testing of login forms and credentials, and the examination of session cookies used by the application.